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Your personal data privacy is one of the most important tasks we take seriously. This page and policy explains the most important terms and conditions as far as usage of the visitor and customer personal data.

Terms and conditions - usage of the personal data

We take privacy of your data seriously and take all available measures in order to protect and store your personal data on a safely and securely.

We do not sell nor redistribute your personal data to anyone, except in case where it is requested by a court order.

During your interaction with the site, you might be asked to enter some personal data such as: name, telephone number, company name and address. The data will be published on the site as part of your ad. However, you are not under the obligation to enter any personal information, thus you have the full control over the info published.

When entering your email address, it will not be visible and available to anyone at any given time.

When placing an ad, your email address is a mandatory field and has to be verified. If email address is not verified, your ad will not be activated and visible.

Anonymous data and collection of the anonymous data

Google Analytics  is collecting anonymous data about each visit to our site. This is governed by the Google Analytics Terms and Policy, which you can find on the Google's web site

In case you have suggestions or concerns in regards to the privacy of your personal data, you can contact as on our page Kontakt